Фондација за наука, култура и ментална фискултура
Opportunities for collaboration with Macedonian researchers abroad. Plus some provocative thoughts and readings, and our most viral tweet ever.
Рекапитулар на 2022 и план на напад за 2023. Плус специјална видео премиера за нашите донатори. Ви благодариме на поддршката!
I woke up thаt morning and everything became clear to me - ★ was Bowie's musical epitaph. Moondust will cover us...
A wrap-up of 2022 and a roadmap for 2023. Plus a special video treat for our paid subscribers. Thank you for your ongoing support!
It might take us a while to open our eyes to the possibility that a bot will be consuming the internet for us, and that we might be better informed as a…
The research articles of the future will be nothing like the 10-page word salads that can be emulated by AI. What will become of them once you take away…
Гостински пост на Александар Шулевски, истражувач на Универзитетот во Лајден
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